Year 1932

Tiger Started Brewing In Singapore

Saturday, 1st October 1932

Tiger Beer, Singapore's second locally brewed beer, started brewing at River Valley Road. Tiger Beer Brand is owned by Malayan Breweries Limited (MBL) , which is a joint venture between Fraser & Neave (F&N is a leading soft drinks manufacturer in Singapore) and Holland’s Heineken Beer. The “It's Time for a Tiger” slogan for Tiger Beer has run for decades since its inception.

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station Opened

Monday, 2nd May 1932

Tanjong Pagar Station (Keppel Road Station) was opened to rail traffic. In the 1920's plans were made to build a new terminus in Keppel Road and this was completed in 1932. The 8 miles 52 chains deviation line from Bukit Timah to Keppel Road.