Year 1964

Farmer hand over infiltrator to Police

Tuesday, 17th November 1964

A quick thinking farmer from Jurong transported the leader of the Indonesian infiltrators to a police station six miles away by riding on a bicycle. The military infiltrator was tricked into believing that he could be brought to see the farmer’s Indonesian friend who could speak Bahasa Indonesia.

September Race riot

Thursday, 3rd September 1964

A second race riot occurred just a month after the first - this time, a Malay trishaw-rider was found murdered at Geylang Serai and his attackers were believed to be a group of Chinese. The race riot ensued in the neighbourhoods of Geylang, Joo Chiat and Siglap, and another curfew was imposed. In this incident, 13 people lost their lives and 106 people were injured. Under the presence of troops and the imposing of curfews, these tensions eventually eased after a few days. 480 people were arrested. Both Malaysia and Singapore have attributed the September riots to Indonesian provocateurs. It was the Konfrontasi period and 30 Indonesian paratroopers had landed in Labis, Johor on 2 September.

The Singapore-Malaysia Causeway Closed

Wednesday, 22nd July 1964

Due to Race Riots in Malaysia and Singapore, the causeway was closed from 22 to 26 July 1964.

Malay-Chinese Race Riot

Tuesday, 21st July 1964

Street violent left 21 persons deal and 460 injured. The day itself was suppose to be a peaceful day as was the anniversary of the prophet's birth. 25,000 Muslim had gather on the Padang to observe the day and the group began to move towards Geylang. Fighting started as the main body somewhere along Kallang Road between the Chinese and the Malays.  Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and several other foreign observers attributed the riots as the result of agitation by Syed Jaafar Albar and other elements of the ultra-nationalist faction in UMNO.

Indonesian Bomb RAF Changi

Sunday, 31st May 1964

A bomb explode inside Royal Air Force (RAF) Changi base. An Indonesian saboteur was caught.

Paya Lebar Passenger Terminal Building Completed

Saturday, 2nd May 1964

The Paya Lebar Airport's new passenger terminal building which was completed. The terminal building comprises of a new passenger arrival hall, a freight centre and an engineering hanger. The airport is in operation as of 1955.

Third Malaysia Grand Prix In Singapore

Friday, 20th March 1964

The race saw the large number for foreign competitors, as it became an ideal stopover for racers between the Australian and European racing seasons. The race was held on a wet Easter Monday holiday with and extremely slippery race track. The race was cancelled after five laps when an accident that seriously injured J.W. Wright. It also wrecks his Jaguar E-Type and kill a course marshal.

HDB Announced Home Ownership Scheme

Wednesday, 12th February 1964

HDB, Housing & Development Board, announced a home ownership scheme which would allow every Singaporean to own a home in Singapore.