Year 2002

SAFRA Swing Singapore

Saturday, 16th November 2002

SAFRA held the Swing Singapore party indoors at the Singapore Expo. The party featured a 10,000 sq. m. cyber-look disco, with three stages and eight giant interactive video walls for screening live SMS chats and MTV videos at the Expo's Hall 3. Two foam pools situated at the atrium were also a big hit with the party-goers.

CityCab Introduce CNG Cabs

Saturday, 2nd November 2002

Toyota Japan supplied a trial fleet of Toyota Crown cabs, powerd by CNG, to CityCab. The CNG Cab on Singapore carried a registration number of SHB 4899S. In conjunction with the launch, CityCab took part in the Clean & Green Week Carnival on 2 to 3 November at the Woodlands Civic Centre. The public was given free rides around the carnival area in CityCab's first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) taxi named 'Cinergy'.

Singapore Economy in Recession

Thursday, 10th October 2002

Singapore economy slide into recession, just months after the country emerged from its worst recession in four decades in 2001.

RSAF 112 Squadron FOC

Friday, 23rd August 2002

RSAF 112 Squadron declared the Full Operational Capability (FOC) status by Second Minister for Defence, RADM (NS) Teo Chee Hean. The 112 squadron operates the KC-135R air-to-air refueling jet tanker which is equipped with the Multi-Point Refueling System (MPRS) and the refueling boom capable of providing air-to-air refueling for all our fighter aircraft.

RSAF Open Training Facilities In France

Wednesday, 24th July 2002

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) opened a new pilot training facilities with new 150 Squadron building and aircraft maintenance hangar in Cazaux (France). 49 fighter pilots have already honed their skills since 1998. RSAF training group setup a temporary training detachment comprising 100 personnel and 10 A-4SU Super Skyhawk aircraft. According to the Ministry of Defence, this is the first oversea Advanced Jet Training detachment.

RSAF jet in US crashes in training

Thursday, 30th May 2002

A Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) F-16C fighter aircraft crashed during a training flight near the Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, in the United States. A statement from the Defence Ministry (Mindef).

COE Bidding System Revised

Monday, 1st April 2002

The COE Bidding was revised from a Close Bidding to an Open Bidding system. With open bidding, bidders could monitor via an Internet Portal that is managed by LTA. It will show the current COE prices and revise their own bid. Every month, half of the quota was allocated for open bidding and the other half for closed bidding.

Second Singapore Biathlon

Sunday, 10th March 2002

Almost 1,300 men and women took part in Singapore's biggest biathlon at Sentosa, doing a 1.5km swim followed by a 10km run. Pamela CHIA, 16, and Andrew Hirst, 36, emerged winners.

Asian Aerospace 2002

Tuesday, 26th February 2002

The 11th Asian Aerospace 2002 (AA2002) is a 6-day event, taking place from 26 February to 3 March 2002. The first 4 days of the Singapore Airshow are exclusively for trade attendees and the final 2 weekend days are open to general public at large. Show visitors are treated to an extra 30-minute aerobatic flying display taking place at this year’s Singapore Airshow over the public weekend. This is in addition to the 60-minute aerial display.

Dr. Chee was fined for speaking at Speakers' Corner

Tuesday, 12th February 2002

Dr. Chee Soon Juan was fined S$3,000 for speaking at the Singapore's "Speakers' Corner" on 15 February 2002, which requires prior registration and where discussion about race and religion is prohibited. Dr. Chee was commenting about the suspension of three Muslim schoolgirls whose parents wanted them to wear headscarves in school. Dr. Chee commented that it is against the parents' personal choice to force their children not to wear headscarves. As a result of this conviction, Dr. Chee was ineligible for the 2006 general election.

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