Year 1919

First airplane to land in Singapore

Thursday, 4th December 1919

The first airplane to land in Singapore touched down at Farrer Park field (old Singapore Race Course). The plane was a three-engined Vickers Vimy piloted by Captain Ross Smith with his brother Lieutenant Keith Smith as navigator. It had two other crew members. The plane was on a pioneering flight from England (UK) to Australia. In 1911, Bristol Boxkite made a demonstration flight at the same location.

Singapore Centenary Parade

Thursday, 6th February 1919

The Singapore Centenary Parade marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of Singapore in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles. Official celebrations began with the arrival of Governor Arthur Young at the Victoria Memorial Hall at 7:30am. The highlight of the Day was a procession of 8,000 school children carrying flags and banners. The boys were headed by the Raffles Institution and started their procession from Cavenagh Road. The girls were led by the sister school, Raffles Girl's School, and started at Mackenzie Road.