Year 1989

Singapore Indoor Stadium Opened

Sunday, 31st December 1989

The Singapore Indoor Stadium was officially opened by then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Capital punishment for drugs trafficking

Thursday, 30th November 1989

Parliament passed a Bill today amending the Misuse of Drugs Act. The death penalty would now be extended to cocaine, cannabis and opium traffickers, including manufacturers, importers and exporters. Previously the death penalty applied only to those convicted of trafficking in more than 15 grams of heroin and more than 30 grams of morphine.

Management book on Singapore launched

Tuesday, 14th November 1989

The book, “Management of Success”, published by the Singapore Institute of South-east Asian Studies, was launched today. Weighing 2 kg and running to 1,134 pages, it took about five years to complete. It had a collection of 49 essays by 54 local and foreign authors on various aspects of Singapore’s development.

RSAF Skyhawk Crashed In Phillipines

Wednesday, 1st November 1989

RSAF A-4 Skyhawk crashed north of Manilla, Phillipines, while on a training mission out of Clark AFB. Pilot ejected safely.

City Harvest Chruch Founded

Sunday, 7th May 1989

The church was founded by Kong Hee and his wife Sun Ho on and held its first service at Peace Centre. It first functioned as Ekklesia Ministry, a youth department, under the legal covering of Bethany Christian Centre, an Assemblies of God church.

Nutrition Week Launched

Friday, 7th April 1989

Nutrition Week was launched to urge citizens to be put more awareness on nutrition. It was found that Singaporeans had been increasing their intake of fats and that incidences of heart diseases and cancer had risen sharply over the past two decades.

Plan To Knock Down The Old And Build A New

Thursday, 23rd March 1989

The Minister of National Development, S. Dhanabalan, revealed plans in Parliament to build a new National Library from its current location.

The Half-Tank Rule to Malaysia

Wednesday, 15th March 1989

To prevent Singapore motorist from crossing the border to Malaysia to fill their petrol tanks with cheaper Malaysian Petrol, the Singapore imposed the Half-Tank Rule (1/2 Tank Rule). At the Woodlands Checkpoint, Singapore Customs officials checks the fuel level before allowing the cars to cross the causeway into Johor Bahru in Malaysia. Violators can be fined up to S$500.

Ethnic Integration Policy Implemented

Wednesday, 1st March 1989

The Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) has been implemented to ensure a balanced mix of different ethnic groups and to prevent the formation of ethnic enclaves in public housing estates. It helps to promote racial integration and fosters harmonious living among ethnic communities. Each neighbourhood was to have a limit of 84% Chinese residents, 22% Malay residents and 10% Indian and other residents. The limit per block was set at 87% for Chinese residents, 25% for Malay residents and 13% for Indian and other residents.

RSAF Trainer Jet Crashed Into River In Johor

Wednesday, 8th February 1989

Two Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) pilots ejected safely when their SIAI-Marchetti S.211 trainer aircraft crashed near the mouth of the Endau River in Johor while on a routine training flight.