Year 1983

SIAI-Marchetti S.211 Jet Trainer For RSAF

Saturday, 31st December 1983

Singapore Defence Ministry (MINDEF) announce in December 1983 a US$60 million contract to SIAI-Marchetti of Italy for 10 new SIAI-Marchetti S.211 jet trainers with an option for another 20 more. The S.211 will be powered by Pratt and Whitneys' economical JT-15D turbofan. The first new aircraft to be deliver to Singapore in semi-knocked down state and the rest in fully knocked down state. All aircraft were to be assembled by Singapore Aircraft Industries (ST Aerospace).

Life long employment for Jurong Shipyard

Wednesday, 26th October 1983

Jurong Shipyard announced that there would be life-term employment for the 2,000 workers on its payroll. The shipyard – one of Singapore’s biggest – pledged to adopt this Japanese management practice here. It also said it would not retrench workers even if there was insufficient volume of work. Jurong Shipyard’s managing director said that a worker’s son as well as his grandson would be able to find employment here. He also announced the setting up of a house union – the Jurong Shipyard Employees Union (JSEU). The shipyard was believed to be the first local Japanese joint venture to start a house union.

First Civil Defence Week

Sunday, 18th September 1983

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) organised its first Civil Defence week with the aim of reinforcing the message that all Singaporeans have a part to play in the nation's civil defence.

10-Year Old Time Capsule Opened

Thursday, 18th August 1983

Dr Toh Chin Chye was at Singapore Science Centre to retrieve a 1973 Science Time Capsule that was buried here 10 years ago. In the Capsule, two main items were retrieved - a Hewlett-Packard HP-35 Calculator and a Rollei 35 Camera. Dr Toh said the HP 35 calculator is out-of-date but the Hewlett-Packard is still in Singapore but sadly Rollei has gone-out-of business. He then commented "the art of marketing a technology was as important as the technology itself".

POSB Will Not Be A Commercial Bank

Saturday, 6th August 1983

Singapore Government Made a "U-Turn" about changing POSB to a full commercial bank. As such, Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) will remain a statutory board and keep its tax-free status for savings accounts. And POSB deposits will continue to be guaranteed byh the government.

To Keep The Toilets Clean Programme

Friday, 1st July 1983

The Ministry of the Environment launched a new programme 'To Keep The Toilets Clean'. Management of premises were requested to ensure that their toilets were in good working order and kept clean and dry. Talks and exhibitions were held at community centres and publicity materials were posted and displayed at public and private sector organizations to remind both management of public toilets and the public using them of their responsibility to keep toilets clean and dry.

First test-tube baby was born

Thursday, 19th May 1983

Singapore's and Southeast Asia's first test-tube baby was born today in Kandang Kerbau hospital. The pioneer of the test-tube programme Professor S. S. Ratnam said, on behalf of his 10-member team, "The feeling is even greater than having your own child!" The proud mum of the baby was Mrs Lee Siew Ee, 25, a factory worker.

Mirage And Skyhawk Mid-Air Collision

Wednesday, 30th March 1983

A RSAF Skyhawk A-4S and an Australian RAAF Mirage III-OA A3-69 plane collided in mid-air over a vilage at Tengah. The RAAF Mirage was approaching Tengah Air Base runway 36 in a straight descending path after being cleared by Tengah's air traffic control when it is involved m a collision with the RSAF Skyhawk about 100 metres above ground. The Sky hawk was flying the final leg of a landing pattern. The pilot RSAF pilot involved in crash was identified as Lt Foo Siew Ngan of the 143 Squadron at Tengah Air Base was in good condition. The Australian pilot was Flight Lieutenant John O'Halloran, a 25-year-old bachelor from Brisbane was killed in the accident. Update: Flt. Lt. John O'Halloran ejected safely ejected at 400 ft and 190 kts with only minor injuries. One civilian on ground killed. Reference:

Three F-5 Jets Flew Home

Thursday, 24th February 1983

Three F-5 supersonic jet flew home from US via UK. The first leg from US, Nellis Air Base in Las Vegas, to UK, RAF Leuchers in Scotland, which took the American team 8 days. The second leg from UK to Singapore took another 8 days which was done by the local team. The local team was led by Major Mark Wong who is the Commanding Officer of 144 Squadron. The 8 days trip from UK with stop-over in France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand and Malaysia.

Singapore Cable Car Tragedy

Saturday, 29th January 1983

Tragedy struck when the towering structure of a Panamanian-registered oil rig struck the cable of the Sentosa Cable Car and caused two cable cars to plunge into the sea. The disaster happened shortly after 6 pm when the oil rig, which was being towed away from Keppel Wharf, became entangled in the cable and caused it to snap. It also left thirteen people trapped in four other cable cars between Mount Faber and Sentosa. This accident was the first involving death or injury since the cable car system opened in 1974. A total of seven people died in the cable car tragedy.