Year 1952

Yan Kit Swimming Pool Opened

Monday, 29th December 1952

The Yan Kit Swimming Pool was opened near Singapore Chinatown. The site, originally constructed as a filter tank for the Water Department, for the pool was a portion of a old railway cutting on the old F.M.S. Railway line. The second public swimming pool in Singapore and was officially opened by Governor of Singapore, John Nicoll and City Council president, T.P.F. McNeice.

End the Postal Strike

Tuesday, 10th June 1952

Lee Kuan Yew was one of the negotiating officer who was employee of Messrs Laycock and Ong that was engaged by the Singapore Post and Telegraphs Uniformed Staff Employees' Union. The 11 days strike concluded when the Union Chief, Yee Meng Seah, accepted the government offer. 1,000 clerks will receive about $500 (28 months') back pay.

John Nicoll Appointed as Singapore Governor

Monday, 21st April 1952

Sir John Fearns Nicoll was appointed Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Singapore from 21 April 1952 to 2 June 1955.