Year 1980

Fitzpatrick's Supermarket Orchard Closed

Wednesday, 31st December 1980

Fitzpatrick's closes its door to make way for redevelopment of The Promenade, a 10 storey shopping and office complex. Fitzpatrick has been operating in the corner of Orchard Road since 1958.

PAP Won 1980 General Election

Tuesday, 23rd December 1980

Singapore’s incumbent PAP (People’s Action Party) won all 75 seats in the 1980 General Election. It was the 4th General Election in Singapore since independence.

NUS Formed

Friday, 8th August 1980

The National University of Singapore (NUS) was formed through a merger between the University of Singapore and Nanyang University.

Singapore Guards Formed

Tuesday, 1st July 1980

The Singapore Guards are best distinguished by their superior physical fitness, mental dexterity, discipline and tenacity. Guards are primarily an elite Infantry brigade.

RSAF Buys C-130 Transport Planes From US

Sunday, 23rd March 1980

The RSAF has bought two Hercules C-130 military transport planes from the United States, the head of the Public Affairs Department of the Defence Ministry, Major Martin Choo, said. These two planes were commissioned by the Mlnister of State for Defence, Mr Bernard Chen.