Workers' Party

The Party was set up by David Marshall in 1957. The Party had a 4-seat victory in 21st December 1957 City Council Elections.

1963 - The founder, David Marshall, resigned and left the Party.

1968 - Under the very trying and tumultuous political climate of the day two top party leaders, Sum Chong Meng and Chua Chin Kiat were arrested.

1971 - Lawyer J. B. Jeyaretnam, who as Secretary-General, steered the Party on an unwavering constitutional course. Jeyaretnam contested every election, increasing his vote each time until the 50% mark was breached in the Anson by-election of 1981.

1981 - J. B. Jeyaretnam became the first opposition Member of Parliament since 1965, after a gap of 16 years.

1988 - The general elections, WP had 49.11% for team comprising Francis Seow, Dr Lee Siew Choh and Mohd Khalit Mohd Baboo in the Eunos GRC (largest GRC in the 88 election).

2001 - The Party’s Secretary-Generalship transferred from J. B. Jeyaretnam to Low Thia Khiang. General Elections were held in November that same year, with the Party returning 1 member, Low Thia Khiang, to Parliament as the elected member for Hougang.

2006 - The General Elections saw Workers Party sending in a total of 20 candidates with 2 of them winning a seat respectively in the parliament. Low Thia Khiang was returned to his seat as the elected MP for Hougang with 62.74% of votes whilst Sylvia Lim went on to take on the seat of an NCMP.